Central Coast Zoo is wheelchair and pram accessible and we pride ourselves on being accessible to all. The zoo currently has several stages under construction and as such these sections are inaccessible but are planned to be opened in 2022.

We are also able to modify our offered encounters to suit all capabilities as long as they still follow our safety requirements.

For encounter bookings that require extra space for a wheelchair other equipment or support person please contact the zoo on 43539900 so we can make the appropriate arrangements or email [email protected]

Guide dogs:
Central Coast zoo is able to accommodate guide dogs only in very limited areas due to our animal safety and welfare, and there are no guide dogs allowed in the animal enclosures themselves. If you plan to visit the zoo with a guide dog please phone the zoo on 43539900 or email [email protected] so we may contact you and help you with your encounter visit.

Other Assistant Animals:
As Central Coast Zoo is home to a wide number of free ranging animals, and in order to maintain their welfare in their home environment we are unable to accommodate many service animals. If you have a specific need that needs to be met please contact us on: 43539900 or email [email protected]  and we will endeavour to help you.