Central Coast Zoo offers vocational/volunteer placement opportunities.

These placements can be used as part of:
-Work Experience programs for Highs school
-Industry Placement programs as part of a university course
-Volunteer placement as part of a TAFE or industry related study

For people currently not employed in the animal field but would like to gain practical experience, are also able to become a volunteer.

Our volunteers learn real life Zoo keeping skills as they help our zookeepers complete their daily work.
Safety is key. Due to safety and training constraints there will be certain duties or species that volunteers are not allowed to work with.

Volunteering is hard physical work and an ability to undertake this work is required.
Volunteering is a commitment. Our program is popular and limited. You must be able to commit to your chosen dates.

Volunteering is dirty work. Animals poo- a lot. Zoo keepers clean it up- so do the volunteers. Animals eat – a lot. Zookeepers prepare their foods and clean their dishes and bowls daily and so do the volunteers. This will involve the majority of the days’ work.

Volunteering is varied. Volunteers will rotate through sections and departments working in different areas or species as they go. This means that one day is spent weeding and mulching a garden and the next is cleaning a snake tank. Everyday is different and provides different opportunities for learning.

Volunteers must follow rules. All volunteers are required to follow all policies and standard operating procedures for every task they undertake while adhering to correct safety protocol. We will not allow volunteers to negatively impact animal welfare or compromise safety.

Volunteering is rewarding. If the hard work doesn’t scare you, the rewards of working with and bonding with our animals is amazing as well as giving you insight into how the industry works as well as valuable experience for potential future employment.

High School Students:
If you currently attend high school and would like to organise work experience please email your name, requested dates, relevant forms and contact details to [email protected] and we will get back to you.

Other Placement students and volunteers:
Download our volunteer form and conditions HERE
Please email the completed form to [email protected]

If there are any questions regarding our volunteer & Work placement program please email [email protected]