With so much to see at Central Coast Zoo and our partner Amazement Farm and Fun Park its important to plan your visit to get the most of your experience. Make sure you check out our Contact Us and location page for our location. Public transport is limited in our area and we are best reached by car.

Don’t forget your camera!!

As Central Coast Zoo is only open by appointment you will not have access to the zoo until your encounter booking time. Make sure your encounter is booked today HERE When you arrive, check in at our admission building to gain access to Amazement Farm and & Fun Park as well as checking in for your Central Coast Zoo encounter. Make sure you get to explore all of Amazement. Their website is HERE. Don’t forget about the hedge mazes, native animals, rides and zoo keeper animal talks. Take the Amazement express for your first glimpse of Central Coast Zoo as your explore the property on the train. When the time arrives for your encounter there will be a meeting point marked by signage where you zoo keeper host will pick you up from and they will be your guide into Central Coast Zoo.

After your experience at Central Coast Zoo feel free to head back into Amazement and continue to explore or have lunch at the delicious Amazement Café.