Scientific Name: Alopochen Aegyptiaca

IUCN (Red List) Status: Least Concern (LC)

Long necks, long pink legs, a pink bill and brown eye patches encircling each eye. They are distinguished from closely related species by a brown patch in the middle of the chest. The upper wings and the head are brown, while the rest of the body is light brown.

Habitat: Grassland, Wetlands (inland). The species inhabits a wide range of freshwater wetlands in open country. It shows a preference for water-bodies with open shorelines and rich plant growth in close proximity to meadows, grassland and arable land for grazing.

Animal Location: Savannah Sanctuary
Diet: Its diet consists predominantly of vegetable matter such as the seeds, leaves and stems of grasses and other terrestrial plants, crop shoots.

Reproduction: It also undertakes annual post-breeding moult migrations to favoured waters. The nest is a shallow depression in plant matter usually placed not far from water