Scientific Name: Suricata Suricatta

IUCN (Red List) Status: Least Concern (LC)



A small herpestid with males averaging 731 grams and females 720 grams. The body and legs of these animals are long and slender, with head and body length between 250 and 350 mm. The tail is thin and tapering to a point, and adds 175-250 mm to the total length of the animal. The coat is light grey to yellowish brown with alternate, poorly defined light and dark bands on the back. Meerkats have foreclaws adapted for digging .


Habitat: Savanna, Shrubland, Grassland, Desert. This is an inhabitant of arid, open country, characterised by short grasses and sparse woody growth. It is absent from true desert and forested areas, and also from mountainous terrain .

Animal Location: Savannah Sanctuary

Diet: It is carnivorous, feeding mostly on invertebrates.