Introducing Hulk, he is last lion for us to introduce to everyone from our pride of African Lions that now call Central Coast Zoo home.

Hulk was born in 2015, making him 6 years of age. He is littermate to lioness Akita.

Hulk is a very special lion, he was born with a congenital eye condition in his right eye, we don't know the cause of the problem or why he was born with this condition but we do know that it doesn't let it get in the way of his everyday life, he can do everything the other lions can do.

We have an experienced Veterinarian and a Veterinary Nurse on staff at the Central Coast Zoo and Hulk has weekly Veterinary check ups on his eye and overall health. We have scheduled ongoing check ups with another Veterinarian that specialises in animal eye health also to see if there is anything extra we can do for our beautiful boy as he gets older.

He is a happy-go-lucky lion and is the most affectionate Lion in the pride - both towards with the other lions in the pride and also with humans. He is a lover not a fighter!!

Talking of love, he also loves his food and is very food motivated. His favourite food is chicken but doesn't like turkey?

We have had so many messages and emails, we are slowly getting back to everybody - thank you for your patience. We are incredibly humbled with the amount of love and support we have had over the past few weeks of the Lions settling in to their new home.