World snake day is held on July 16 and is a celebration of the 3,500 species of
snakes around the world. Snakes have always had a bad reputation due to the
more.. should we say.. dangerous types, but there are snakes out there that are
great to have as a pet!

There are two snakes who are common as pets in Australia:
The Carpet Python is native to Australia and comes in a variety of colours. They will
need high temperatures, regular lighting and they eat rodents. These snakes can be a
bit nippy if not handled regularly from birth.

The Children’s Python is also native to Australia. It is not as colourful as the carpet
python but it is very basic in its care requirements and it eats rats or mice. They are
Here are our top ten tips for having a pet snake:

  1. Make sure you have the correct reptile licence
  2. Choose your future pet carefully, some snakes can be nippy if they are already
    grown so it is best to get an infantile snake. Hand rearing can get them used to
    being handled, however always be cautious and treat your snake with respect
  3. Gather the correct items needed for their habitat, make sure you have a
    sealable enclosure so there are no escapes and have the correct heating
  4. Find out what your future pet eats; many snakes eat mice and rats although
    there are a few types who eat lizards and frogs
  5. Having a snake is a long commitment and takes preparation to ensure both
    your safety and the safety of the snake
  6. Last but not least; enjoy your new pet

    You can find some interesting species of snakes at Central Coast Zoo, including albino
    corn snake, boa constrictor, coastal carpet python, and diamond python!