Introducing Zimbi, she is the Queen lioness in our pride of African Lions that now call Central Coast Zoo home in our new Savannah Sanctuary Exhibit.

Zimbi was born in 2012, making her 9 years of age.

She is the more sophisticated lioness compared to the other girls in our pride, but whoa - she is also full of sass... she knows she is the Queen and likes to flaunt it. She can sometimes be sneaky and tries to out-smart the staff and other lions in the pride from time to time.

She loves to eat and has a little belly at the moment!! She likes to jump up on to her bed to eat her dinner and pretend like we cannot see her gorging herself. Even though she loves her food - she is actually the most gentle feeder in the pride not causing any fuss at feeding time.

We are still working on our website and opening details, we thank you for all the support we are receiving. We will be posting a link to our website donations page shortly, we have many sponsorship and donation opportunities to help us run the zoo and give all our animals the best lives possible - stay tuned.

We are located within the grounds of the Amazement Farm and Fun Park - located at 170 Yarramalong Rd, Wyong Creek NSW - About an hour north of Sydney. We are still not 100% sure when we can open the Central Coast Zoo to the public - but you are able to view the Savannah Sanctuary Exhibit when you visit Amazement Farm and Fun Park and ride the Maze Express Train Ride.