Taronga Conservation Australia celebrates World Meerkat day on July 3rd
annually. They are the leader in the fields of conservation, research, animal
welfare, wildlife rehabilitation and environmental education. The day is meant to
raise awareness and celebrate the cute little creatures.

There’s a lot to learn about interesting little guys!

Knight in Shining Armour
While the rest of the meerkats are foraging for food there will always be at least
one meerkat on guard to keep everyone safe, if a threat is seen they will either
bark or whistle to alert the others.

Digger’s Club
Meerkats are excellent diggers but tend to make home in other animals' burrows.
The underground home is often renovated by the meerkats to make it more
homely for them.

There is always a young adult male or female meerkat left at the burrow, when
foraging for food, to take care of the pups.

Who runs the world? Girls!
Meerkats live in matriarchal society which means the females are in charge. The
alpha female is the only one allowed to breed but the other females help to raise
the pups.

Oh Baby, Baby
Meerkats are born blind and mostly hairless, they will stay snug in the burrow and
start to grow hair and their eyes and ears open at around 10-14 days.

If you have seen Timon from The Lion King you would see just how cute and
playful these creatures really are. You can book your own meerkat experience at
Central Zoo
where you can get your picture taken and get up close and personal
with these gorgeous little creatures.